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Air Hockey Table Cleaning

Air hockey is an aggressive game, and this sometimes leads to marks, streaks and scratches on the surface of the table. These are all capable of slowing the puck substantially, lessening the speed and excitement of your game. However, restoring your table to its original condition is not very difficult.

Turn the blower on

While cleaning any air hockey table, make sure to leave the blower on full bast. This prevents any water or detergent from leaking into the interior. Allowing water into the compressors chambers can cause the table to fail, so always make sure to keep the blower on.

Wash it with a damp cloth and mild detergent

A damp cotton cloth with diluted dish detergent is a great first step for cleaning the table. Rub down the table with the blowers on to remove any scuffs that the pushers may have left. Do not use anything stronger if you find that scuffs are not coming out with just the detergent. Just keep on rubbing and scrubbing to remove the scuff slowly. Stronger detergents pose a substantial risk of scuffing or damaging the table further.

Smooth the surface

Even a clean table can perform unsatisfactorily if the table is covered in small scratches and scuffs. Fortunately, a small amount of furniture polish can do wonders. Take a new, clean cloth and dampen it with Pledge or a similar wood cleaner. Then, rub the table down. This should fill in most pock marks and considerably improve playability. For more heavily damaged surfaces, use proper wood or plastic polish from a construction store and apply with a lint free cloth (the same type you use on crystal or TVs). This fills in larger holes and leaves a smooth, glass like finish.

An air hockey table allows its owner to play an exhilarating and exciting game. Scratches and scuffs, however, can put a damper on its playability. By following these simple, easy steps, you are sure to be able to return any air hockey table to its prime playing condition.